How to Acquire an Unsecured Credit Card for Bad Credit

By: Shelly Evans

When in will need of a credit card but with poor credit, lots of people are advised to apply for a secured credit card. But did you know that there are unsecured credit cards provided for those with bad credit? Unlike a secured card, unsecured credit cards don’t call for a security deposit.

In this post, let’s discuss the actions you should do in case you wish to get an unsecured poor credit credit card: Continue reading

What are Credit Cards with Instant Approval

Do you think that credit cards instant approval offers are too good to be true? You might have been used to the traditional process of acquiring a credit card that instant approval would sound suspicious. But is this true?

Gone are the days when you have to dress up and drive to your local bank, fill-out a form, and personally submit your credit card application. Today, most credit card applications are done online. And compared to the old way, it offers people a much quicker, more convenient way of getting a credit card.

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Credit Card Cure for Bad Credit

By: Shelly Evans

The wrong use of credit cards can quickly lead to bad credit. If you’re inside the habit of running up high balances on your credit card or credit cards, you’re in danger. If you’re content with just submitting the minimum payment, the risk of incurring bad debt is a lot greater.

On this post, let us talk about how it is possible to use your credit card to cure bad credit. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Bad Credit Lending

By: Shelly Evans

A person with bad credit history often finds it a huge challenge to apply for new credit. This is because many lending companies use credit history and credit score as major determinants on whether to approve or decline an application. Does this mean the doors of opportunities have all been locked up for people with bad credit? Not necessarily!

In response to the great demand for bad credit financing, there are lending companies today that offer loans for bad credit. That means, poor credit does not need to be hindrance in getting the financial help you need. Nevertheless, because of the higher risk involved in extending loans to people with bad credit, the rates and fees are expected to be much higher than standard loans. Continue reading

How MUCH Does Bad Credit Cost You

By: Shelly Evans

Are you aware of your personal credit standing?  Did you know that having a lower score can cost you a lot more on various aspects of your finances? In this article, we will take a closer look at how much bad credit can literally cost you and what you can do to avoid the extra costs.

Why Credit Score Matters

Many people are aware of the fact that lenders prefer customers with good credit. If you have bad credit, you will be considered as a “high risk customer” and therefore, must pay a higher price to make up for the risk. In fact, the lower your score is, the higher the interest rate and fees are most likely to be. Continue reading

Can Bad Credit Affect Your Life?

By: Shelly Evans

In response to the recent economic crisis, many lending companies in the industry have become more exacting in extending credit to consumers. If you have less than perfect credit, you may find it more difficult to get an approval.

In fact, if you have bad credit, you’ll need to be extra careful in your search for financing to avoid predatory lenders who may take advantage of your situation.  Yes, there are lenders in the market offering bad credit loans that impose excessive interest rates and unreasonable terms. If you’re not aware of their tactics, you might sign up for the wrong deal. Continue reading

The Disadvantages of Having Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit? If yes, do you feel its effect on your life? Perhaps you may have tried to get a credit card but found out that you are not qualified because of your poor score.  Or perhaps a lending company turned down your loan application because of bad credit.  Indeed, a person’s credit history and credit score can make a big difference in the kinds of opportunities he/she gets.

In this article, let us enumerate the possible drawbacks of bad credit.  Being aware of the disadvantages should inspire you to work on improving your personal credit. Continue reading

Bad Credit Personal Loans and You

By: Shelly Evans

Bad credit personal loans are offered to people in need of financial assistance but cannot qualify for regular loans because they did not meet the required credit score.  Are you in the same situation?

It is a relief to know that there are lending companies willing to extend financing to the bad credit market.  Yes, you can turn to bad credit lenders for help in case you need to take out a loan for an emergency. Continue reading

Should You Get A Bad Credit Personal Loan?

By: Shelly Evans

People seek out loans for varying reasons.  For example, a person who needs to pay up-coming bills may resort to another lender to pay multiple creditors.  A parent with kids in college may need to acquire a loan to pay tuition fees.  Sometimes, families take out a personal loan to go on a grand vacation or to renovate their home. There also instances when you need quick financial assistance and cash is not available on hand.

Personal loans can be used for varying purposes. You can find secured personal loans and unsecured personal loans in the market.  In order to decide which type of loan is best suited to your needs, don’t forget to consider your personal credit. Continue reading