Which Business Credit Card Should You Pick?

With all the credit cards for business offered in the market, which one should you pick? Cash-back business credit cards are perfect for businesses that spend a lot in buying stocks, raw materials or equipment. Since cash back credit cards reward its holders based on the amount charged on the card regardless of the type of purchase, you can surely make more points and earn your rewards more quickly. Here, we’ve selected four major business credit card providers and we’ve taken a look at the best features they have to offer.

Separate Personal and Business Finances with Business Credit Cards

• If you’re a business owner, have you seriously considered applying for a business credit card?
• Do you feel that a credit card for business is really unnecessary?
• Do you prefer to use your personal credit card for your business expenses?
• Would it really make a difference whether you use a business credit card or not?

To answer these questions objectively, let’s discuss the importance of keeping your business financing separate from your personal finances.