Do you have bad credit? If yes, do you feel its effect on your life? Perhaps you may have tried to get a credit card but found out that you are not qualified because of your poor score.  Or perhaps a lending company turned down your loan application because of bad credit.  Indeed, a person’s credit history and credit score can make a big difference in the kinds of opportunities he/she gets.

In this article, let us enumerate the possible drawbacks of bad credit.  Being aware of the disadvantages should inspire you to work on improving your personal credit.

The Disadvantages of Having Bad Credit

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By Allison May

Allison May is a credit consultant and a writer for Credit Creators. The resource provides consumers with valuable advice and information on Guaranteed Approval credit cards, Unsecured credit cards for Bad Credit and other credit-related issues. The main objective here is to help people build good credit. Add Allison on

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