Reap the Benefits of Good Credit with a Low APR Credit Card

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Enjoying good credit score isn’t just about getting approved for loans and credit cards more quickly. Having good to excellent credit should give you the advantage that not other consumers enjoy- lower rates and better repayment terms.

Do you have good or excellent credit score? If yes, make sure that you’re reaping the benefits that you deserve for maintaining good credit.

Low APR Credit Cards Always Require Good Credit

Compare credit card deals in the market and notice how the best cards always require good to excellent credit. Consumers with less-than-perfect credit scores will surely get rejected if they try to apply for these credit cards.

Since consumers with low credit scores are seen as high risk credit card holders, credit card issuers offer higher interest rates and lower credit lines for them. On the contrary, credit card issuers will do anything to convince those with impressive credit rating to sign up with their company.

One way to attractive potential cardholders with good to excellent credit is by offering the lowest possible APR. Having a good credit history shows your capability to make payments and credit card issuers know that having you as a customer will solidify their standing in the market.

Maintain Good Credit:  Low Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Do you own more than one credit card in your name? If you currently have unpaid balances on these credit card accounts, protect your credit history and keep your credit in good standing by getting a low APR balance transfer credit card.

Balance transfer credit cards are often accompanied by low APR or 0 APR that may last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the issuer. By transferring your balances over to a zero interest card, you can focus on your repayment without incurring the high rates of interest.

Most balance transfer credit cards with low APR or zero APR require good credit history. Before submitting your application, it’s best to check your credit report first to make sure that your application won’t be rejected.

Choose Your Low APR Credit Card with Care

Does this mean all credit cards with a low interest rate or zero interest rate offers are worth choosing? Just as you need to do research when looking for a regular credit card, you also need to do your homework to find the best low APR credit card.

Aside from a zero interest rate or a low interest, see to it that the rest of the fees (annual fee, transaction charges, balance transfer fee, late penalty fee, over-the-limit charges, etc.) associated with your card are reasonable. Do this by reading and understanding the complete Terms & Conditions of each potential credit card.

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