Is it true that bad credit totally destroys my credit prospects? This is one popular question that people with bad credit usually ask credit counselors. Why? There is a common belief that only those with good credit ratings can receive credit lines. But is there truth in this belief?

We cannot discount the fact that bad credit affects the chances of people in finding excellent credit options. But bad credit only reduces the open opportunities for loans and credit cards. It does not completely eliminate your credit prospects. Actually, if you will show diligence, you can easily locate companies that provide credit cards for bad credit, and credit cards for no credit. Why are these cards provided?

Reasons for Providing Credit Cards

There are a lot of lenders that provide credit cards for bad credit. These firms recognize the need to assist people repair their bad credit histories. Through the bad credit-credit cards they provide, the lenders are able to help people regain credit worthiness.

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By Allison May

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