Let’s face it, overspending on credit cards is a very bad habit that can lead you into trouble.  Yet although many people are aware of this fact, many are just as guilty as well.  Yes, it is one thing to say that want to control you’re spending and completely another thing to stay away from bad debt.

So, how can you stop bad credit card habits?  Check out the following advice:

Take Charge! It takes a lot of guts to control spending and only you can make it happen.  Build up your personal motivation and make it stronger.  For example, if you plan to take out a loan sometime soon, you need to raise your credit score to get the best deal.  Ideally, you should aim for a FICO score of at least 720 to 740 or higher if possible.  Set a specific goal and use it as your motivation to fight uncontrolled credit card spending.

Create a monthly budget plan. Create a list of all your expenses for the whole month, including the largest down to the smallest of your purchases and bills.  Compare your total cost from your monthly earnings.  Now, how much of those purchases do you regularly charge to your credit card each month?

By studying the actual figures, you can easily see whether or not you are spending more than what your budget permits.  From your list, create your monthly budget plan, including the exact amount of you charges you plan to spend with your credit card, making sure that you’ll have enough cash to pay it back on time.

How to Stop Bad Credit Card Habits

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