Many consumers are aware that having a budget plan is an advantage. Surprisingly, not everyone has one. Others may have tried to follow a budget plan in past but found it to be ineffective. The question is, how can you make it work?  In this article, we present practical tips on how to create a budget plan that you can follow:

Monitor your spending. Begin by getting to know your personal spending. Make a list of all your expenses for the whole month, from your biggest purchases down to the smallest cents. Calculate your total expenses and compare it from your monthly income. Based on your list, it will be easy to see if you have been spending more than what your income permits.

Time for change. Study your list and choose items that you can eliminate. For instance, if you have one or two magazine subscriptions, do you really spend time reading them or do they just pile up?  Perhaps you can slash it out to cut back on your expenses.

Set automatic payments. Set aside at least 10% of your salary and put it immediately in your savings account. The best way to do so is to arrange automatic payment with your bank.  You can also set automatic payments for your credit card bills or loans to make sure that you will not miss a single due date.

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