When in need of a credit cards for bad credit, even more caution is needed. Doing research is essential since a lot of bad credit offers in the market can turn out to be scams. To avoid being ripped-off, you should know exactly what to look for and be aware of the tactics used by unscrupulous creditors.

It is a good idea to check first with your personal bank if you can be extended a credit card account despite your bad credit. Having an existing relationship with a banker can work to your advantage. However, be prepared to submit cash deposit since most banks that offer credit cards for bad credit strictly will demand some form of security.

You can also ask credit unions in your city if they offer bad credit credit card programs or bad credit card credit cards. Typically, you can enjoy a lower rate of interest if you acquire a bad credit credit card from a credit union since these organizations have been created to provide assistance to consumers in need.

What about credit card offers online? You can do your own research online by visiting credit card review websites. These sites offer reviews and ratings on different credit cards in the market. However, you should make sure that you are consulting a trusted website since scammers can also use fraudulent websites to lure unsuspecting customers.

When doing comparison, you should pick out your top three choices and be prepared to do further investigation. It is crucial that you read and understand the complete Terms and Conditions to make sure that there are no hidden fees, unfair terms, or unreasonable restrictions.

Will you be able to repair your credit through your bad credit credit card? It is very important to check if your chosen issuer will report your payments to the three major credit bureaus. If your payments will not be reported, activities in your account will not reflect in your credit file so you won’t be able to see improvement in your credit despite using the credit card regularly. Take note that not all credit cards advertised as bad credit credit cards offer credit reporting provision.

What about account upgrades? Will you be able to enjoy a higher credit limit if you can prove your credit worthiness after a year? Will some of the fees be waived if you can show a good payment history? Can you switch to an unsecured account after 12 months of consistent payment? If your chosen issuer does not offer an automatic upgrade, do not hesitate to make the request especially if you know you deserve it.

There are many types of credit cards for bad credit that you can choose from. You can either apply for a secured card or opt for an unsecured bad credit credit card to repair your damaged credit. Whichever credit card you decide, see to it that you are ready to take on your obligations as a cardholder. Remember, a bad credit credit card can only help you repair bad credit if you can manage it responsibly.


By Allison May

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