How Instant are Instant Approval Credit Card?

An instant approval credit card is equipped with all the basic services of regular credit cards.

However, instant approval credit cards offer quick and convenient application process for people who want a credit card. Submission of the application form can be done online.  A response can be expected within minutes after submission.  Once approved, the applicant can expect to receive the actual credit card through post mail after 4 to 5 banking days. Once the credit card is received, a simple call is needed to activate the card and the owner can successfully use the instant approval credit card.

Instant approval credit card issuers are very easy to find. In fact, a person can compare instant approval cards from varying issuers through the internet. However, not all providers have good services to offer. Some have higher interest rates or may offer low rates but will eventually charge higher rates after a year or so.

So how does a person find a good instant approval credit card provider? It is very important to take the extra time to compare credit cards and choose the one that offer the best terms.

Who can apply for an instant approval credit card? Although the application process is quick and easy, an applicant must meet the issuer’s requirements.  Take note that not all instant approval credit cards accept bad credit.  Some instant approval cards are exclusively offered to people with good to excellent credit scores. Thus, applying for the wrong credit card can cause your application to get rejected.

Individuals with bad credit score can apply for unsecured bad credit credit cards or secured credit cards online. These types of credit cards are available to people with bad credit and no credit history.  However, the interest rate and fees may be higher compared to regular accounts because of the risk. To avoid credit cards with excessive rates and fees, comparing cards is a must.  It is essential that the applicant chooses the appropriate credit card service before submitting an application.

If the applicant is unsure of his qualification, all credit companies have customer representatives they can call to clarify the requirements and criteria of eligibility.



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