Getting a Credit Card – What Credit Cards Instant Approval Means

While browsing online to find a credit card, you will come across instant approval offers. Have you thought about what instant approval means? What can you expect from a credit card that offers guaranteed approval? What makes it different from regular credit cards? Should you sign up for one?

What Credit Cards Instant Approval Means

So what does it meant to get an instant approval? Does it mean you can use your credit card on the same day you applied? Technically, instant approval is not a quick as it sounds. Compared to the traditional way of applying for a credit card, it involves a much speedier process.

When you submit your credit card application online, you can expect to get a response within a few minutes or within the same day. The credit card company will be sending you an electronic message whether your application has been approved or declined. If your application is approved, the actual credit card will be sent to your via postal mail. You can expect it to arrive after 4 to 5 banking days.

Can you use your credit card right after you received it? Not yet! First, you have to call a certain number for verification. You will be asked to provide the last four digits of Social Security number and credit card number before your account can be activated. Once it is done, that’s time you can use your new credit card for payment.

What About Credit Requirements?

Does guaranteed approval mean getting approved for the credit card regardless of your credit score? Not at all times! The phrase “guaranteed approval” may have a different implication depending on the credit card issuer.

Some credit cards do offer guaranteed approval even for people with bad credit history. These are called bad credit credit cards. Some credit cards for bad credit are secured but you can also find unsecured bad credit credit cards in the market. All these bad credit credit cards offer guaranteed approval regardless of the applicant’s credit score.

On the other hand, some credit cards exclusively offer “guaranteed approval” for customers with good to excellent credit rating. If you have below average rating, you may still not qualify but you might be offered a bad credit credit card.

It’s important to check the issuer’s terms and conditions first before submitting your application. Even though instant approval is advertised, you want to know for sure what the phrase means. Keep in mind that once you submit an application, your personal credit will be evaluated and each inquiry can lower your credit score.

Don’t be fooled by misleading ads. It is easy to get enticed by the promise of getting instantly approved only to find out later on that you are stuck with the wrong credit card. You could be subjected to a high rate and expensive fees just because you did not read the fine print.

Yes, applying for a credit card is so much easier these days. But if you need one, be sure to take your time comparing your options until you find the exact credit card you need. Instant Approval or not, what matters is most is having a credit card with a good rate, minimal fees, and reliable service.


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